Welcome to the new Planned Spontaneity!

There have been some exciting transformations in the world of Planned Spontaneity! Our color scheme has changed, and our values have been clarified and moved in to center stage. While I continue to provide full-service event planning, I have formalized my desire to support the environment, my community, and humanity.

Here are my commitments:

• A portion of our proceeds are donated to charity.  For 2010 we are supporting African Youth Outreach with 10% of our event planning and coordination proceeds.
• We leave the smallest carbon footprint possible and offer environmentally responsible options for décor, transportation, food, gifts, invitations and other elements related to events and business.
• We offer socially responsible options by encouraging the use of fair-trade items like chocolates, coffee and favors.
• We support local businesses so our nearby communities will continue to thrive.
• We continue to be inclusive.  Regardless of ethnicity, religion or orientation, we are be honored to be included in your celebrations and events.

Our web site has changed and our values clarified, but our primary goal continues to be supporting our clients with creating low-stress celebrations within the framework of their personal values! I love stepping out of the box and creating celebrations that are unique to each of my clients.

As part of this refreshing new business, I will be bringing you blog posts on a regular basis on anything and everything related to events, weddings, party planning and celebrations, with a “green” socially responsible twist! Make sure to check back often or subscribe for new information, tips and interviews in the world of event planning.
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Yours truly,

Marilee Karamanski
Celebration Specialist
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