Wedding Traditions and beliefs-Repost: Marriage Folklore and Superstitions

There are a ton of traditions surrounding weddings. Here are a few lesser known facts that I find interesting. 

• The opulent white wedding gown that is worn only once started with Hollywood-influenced weddings in the 1940’s.

• The diamond engagement ring is a result of the De Beers ad campaign- “A Diamond is Forever”. 

• The tiered wedding cake, however, is a descendent of a very old tradition!  Originally, the guests brought small cakes and put them in a pile at the wedding! This community-based custom evolved into the tiered wedding cake.  More recently, we’ve seen a departure from tiered cakes to more sculpted cakes!  A far cry from the heap-o-cake baked by everyone in town!

Familiarity with traditions and their histories can help create a more meaningful  celebration that resonates with your values.  I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t follow any specific wedding custom. I am saying that if you are familiar with the origins of the traditions you choose to incorporate, they impart meaning that will personalize your celebration and make it even more memorable. 

Here’s a list of some other wedding superstitions and beliefs for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Marriage Folklore and Superstitions: Explore Lesser Known Wedding Beliefs


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