Wedding Entertainment 101

Photo provided courtesy of Angelic Angles

I wanted to write a quick “Wedding Entertainment 101” article. Unfortunately, even a “simple” list of entertainment options quickly became waaay too unwieldy for a little introduction article. After several attempts I realized that this sort of “intro has been done by others. Why reinvent the wheel? What I want to do is write about some specific details. So, by way of Wedding Entertainment 101, I’d like to refer you to a good comprehensive article written by Lori Voth at Associated Content. Wedding Event Planning: Entertainment Options. It’s got a good description of the basics of Live Music vs. DJ vs. DIY. The Knot also has a good article, Reception Music: Getting Started.

Greek Wedding Dance!

Here are some topics you can look forward to here!

• Incorporating your heritage or ethnicity into your wedding entertainment
• Pros and cons of DIY vs. hiring professionals
”Dance Party” style music selections — the good, the bad … you know

The Harmonious Wail

Of course, with my contra-dance background, I’m looking forward to introducing many of you to the option of hiring a caller or folk-dance instructor!

The Last Gaspe

Finally, I’m in the process of getting interviews lined up and hope to introduce you to some fabulous local entertainers to consider for your celebration!


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