Return from Hiatus!

If you’ve followed this blog, you may have noticed that this is the first update in a very long time, and you may have wondered to yourself, “What ever happened to that socially-concious-LGBT-friendly-eco-friendly-down-to-earth wedding planner that used to own Planned Spontaneity?” Well, here’s your answer: Nearly four years ago, I stepped down to low gear in business in order to step into high gear with parenting, and I’m in my fourth year of homeschooling my children.

IMG_3314I haven’t been completely out of the event-planning picture, with a few parties and weddings every year, but I’ve been primarily focused on homeschooling my two daughters. We have had adventures! We’ve enjoyed museums from Wisconsin to Arizona and back. We’ve taken advantage of school-age performances at the Overture, we’ve done Lego Robotics and Destination Imagination. My children have performed Shakespeare, written novels, hiked the Grand Canyon, enjoyed fiddling, gymnastics, voice and swimming. There are so many awesome extra-curricular activities, and when your children are in school, you can only participate in a very limited number of them. For us, those have been a large part of our curriculum. When we see something educational and interesting, there’s no reason not to dive in!

Now I’m in a new chapter. My elder daughter has returned to school and is thriving in that environment. My younger daughter continues to homeschool, but doesn’t need my constant attention. She enjoys having independence, and is currently using me as a consultant with her independent study, rather than needing me as a full time teacher to prod her along. It’s a refreshingly sweet spot we’re in, and I’m ready to go back to work!

One neat thing about owning your own business is that you get to set your own hours… So, while I’m not heading into full time weddings for the 2016 season, I’m definitely open for business and accepting new clients! I look forward to hearing from you!





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