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I would love to help you find eco-friendly resources for your Wisconsin Wedding or celebration!
Read this article for some really great tips and inspiration for going green! 

Thanks Maleah for sending this to me!

VivaTerra Newsletter – Eco Wedding

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March 2010

Green Weddings
Celebrate the big day eco style.
Eco tips
Top 20 resources for planning a green wedding.
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Creating a green wedding is a state of mind. I discovered this first hand while planning a September wedding with my daughter and her fiancé last year. Two committed environmentalists, they’ve put their shovels to work creating an organic farm in Brazil, they’ve hiked and surfed all over the world, and practice conscious consumption. Like most of you, my family doesn’t live off the grid, but we try our best to reduce our impact on the earth whenever possible. We realized as we prepared for her wedding that every decision along the path to the aisle became an opportunity to make a greener choice.

Veni, vidi, venue. Finding a venue for the wedding and reception can be the single most important decision (aside from choosing each other) that the bride and groom make for their green wedding. It sets the tone for the entire celebration. While hiking near the top of a local mountain, my daughter and her fiancé came upon a bowled amphitheater with stone tiers set in the midst of a redwood forest. This was the ideal setting for their celebration. Any outdoor space that personally resonates for the couple in some way is a wonderful choice. As always, the natural world becomes the most inspirational event planner; a beach, a meadow, or a even a backyard garden minimizes the need for costly, disposable decorations. The pure beauty of those surroundings outshines any amount of elaborate floral arrangements and ribbonery. Transportation to the site is another way to go green. In our case, we shuttled the guests in mini-buses to the mountain top to help preserve the pristine surroundings. Many limousine & bus companies are now offering bio-diesel options.

Something old, something new…Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend, and a little bling to seal the deal is still popular. Yet, how much more meaningful is it to “re-engage” with a family heirloom that sparkles with memories and history. I’m currently wearing my mother-in-law’s engagement stone set into recycled gold. When my daughter said “yes”, she was presented with her future grandmother’s European set diamond from the 1930’s. If a family gem isn’t available, jewelers offer a wide choice of vintage rings and responsibly sourced gems that make a personal statement.
The same is true for wedding gowns. An altered gown or veil from a family member or a vintage gown with exquisite detailing is another way to have an eco-nomical wedding day. If only a new gown will do, it’s important to make an ethical choice about who is making it. Many off-the-rack gowns are manufactured overseas in sweatshop conditions. It’s fair to ask about the origin of a gown before making a purchase.

Eat, drink and be wary. The food and drink served at a wedding also impacts the wallet and the earth. As the demand for organic food everywhere increases, more and more caterers are responding without increasing prices per guest. Letting everyone know the source of the food will heighten awareness for so many others. From the party favors to gifting the bride and groom, there are many ways to give green. Rather than an easily discarded trinket, think about making a donation or planting a tree in the guests name as we did. To make the gift even more meaningful, green wedding registries are an alternative that include a wide range of beautiful and functional sustainable products and furnishings.
From the invitation (think paperless or recycled paper) to the honeymoon (local escapes or eco tourism) creating a green wedding is the best way to ensure a memorable day that honors a long life together for the bride and groom as well as the earth.
Bonnie Trust Dahan
Founding Partner

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