Repost: Modern Etiquette

The fact that there is an etiquette guide to talking about your wedding on Facebook is definitely a sign of our times…

In addition to the eight tips posted on, I’ll add a few more…

8 Facebook Wedding Etiquette Tips

9. Don’t post all the pictures from your photographer without their permission. In most cases, this is actually a violation of copyright law. Ask your photographer for some low-res watermarked files you can use.  If you talk to them, there is usually a way it can work where the photographer gets some publicity, and your friends get to see the images! You can also post the snapshots your friends and family have taken (with their permission-of course!) 

10. On Facebook as well as other places it’s good to remember the advice “Praise in public, criticize in private.” If you care about your relationships and your community, it’s always better to take up any problems in private. With your professionals, they’ll be more likely to try to fix the problem if you haven’t already trashed their reputation. Of course, public praise is always nice- good karma for everyone!

11. I’d add an addendum to “Stay off line during nuptials”. I think it would be fine to post “We did it!” or something equally short and to the point after the ceremony. But really, on the day of your wedding and even through your honeymoon- your focus should be on the people/person you’re with- the rest of us can wait.

Remember, Facebook, Twitter and whatever is next down the pike are great tools for keeping in touch with your community.  These tools, however, are not a substitute for community.


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