Photographer/Videographer Spotlight: Kevin & Kelsey Visel of Primavera Studios

One of the joys of my work is that I get to meet people like Kevin and Kelsey Visel.  Their warm personalities and gracious manner would put anyone at ease. Kevin and Kelsey are the lead photographers and owners of Primavera Studios.  Kevin also offers videography. 

Primavera Studios offer a consistent “Vintage-European” style with a classic Italian art sensibility. Their goal is to capture the details of each wedding as if it were to be published in a magazine, and make their subjects look better than they have ever looked.

I think they’re really cool because not only are they artists, but they’re eco-friendly and conscientious too!  They donate 10% of their print proceeds to Thirst Relief International– an organization working to provide safe drinking water to those in need around the world. See the eco-details under “green practices” below.

When asked what they liked best about their work, here’s how they answered.
Kelsey- “I love being able to exceed clients’ expectations, and hearing ‘That’s exactly what I hoped for!’ or ‘That’s even better than we expected!’ “ 

Kevin- “My favorite part is the relationships we form with our clients. Obviously, I love photography, but the relationships are what drive me. 
Kevin also gets really fired up about coming home with ‘The Shot’ at each wedding. Every client needs at least one incredible image to hang on their wall,” he says. “When I get it, it’s really exciting!” 

For Videography, Kevin films with top quality HD cameras to produce videos on DVD or Blu-Ray. Their videography includes both a full-length documentary, and a high-light video. The high-light video is almost like a music video with either a “traditional” or a “Rock-Star” feel!

Here’s a sample testimonial from their website
“ …we absolutely love the highlight video – thank you for making it so special by capturing the essence of our love and the beauty of the day in a short video our friends and family can share with us!  It’s amazing how much you really personalized the videos … – you put clips of the right people and the perfect moments that we will never forget now!  Thank you so much!”
– Meghan & Bobby

Here are some specs.
Style: Fashion-Inspired Editorial
Good Works: 10% of their proceeds are donated to Thirst Relief International
Green Practices: Their packaging and framing is made from recycled paper or other renewable resources.  Their forms are all on line, and they recycle the paper they do use.
Phone: (608) 229-1321
Address: 6524 Seybold Road, Madison, WI 53719
Price: Wedding packages start at $2500
2 Responses to Photographer/Videographer Spotlight: Kevin & Kelsey Visel of Primavera Studios
  1. Kevin
    May 17, 2010 | 3:27 pm

    Wow Marilee, thanks for the awesome write-up! We really enjoyed having the opportunity to chat. You have a very warm personality and gracious manner yourself. Oh, and good choices on the photos :)

  2. Anonymous
    May 22, 2010 | 6:53 am

    love it… guys are amazing…..and i love the pics…..