Photographer Spotlight: Yonda Photography: UPDATE: Yonda Photography is now Amelia John

When it comes to wedding photographers, there is a huge pool to choose from. Anyone who owns a digital camera can take pictures of your wedding… but if your wedding pictures and a beautiful album are among your priorities, it’s worth doing a little research and seeing what the differences are between photographers you’re considering.

In the Madison area, there are a lot of talented photographers.  So today, allow me to present my first photographer spotlight! (there will be more soon!)
I recently sat down with Jennifer and Andrew Keeley Yonda of Yonda Photography.  They’re a husband and wife team who are among the most engaging people I’ve ever met! Their “About Us” page on their website is full of fun eclectic details like their love of boggle, Capoeira, The Office (American version), kids, hardwood floors and cats. Since they’re full partners, they don’t have a “second shooter” rather, they work cooperatively to get the best images and seamlessly trade off setting up different shots.  They don’t use stock poses.  Instead they really thrive off of being spontaneous. If one of the things you’re looking for is a highly personalized approach and extreme attention to beautiful detail, you might find the perfect fit here. Using more fashion-influenced and natural poses, they create works of art as images from your wedding day.
While we were talking, Jennifer and Andrew expressed the importance of knowing the couple- for instance if the couple is worried about an ailing relative, and that relative is able to make it to the wedding, they’ll take special care to remember and make a point of including that person in their images. They use engagement sessions not only to capture beautiful images, but also to  build relationships with each client so they’ll be attuned to all the little important moments.

The Yondas bring an element of fun and humor to their work that is extremely refreshing. They offer a number of cool products and services including a photo booth style set up. For their photo booth, they bring a back drop and props for your guests to use. Props can include over-sized cartoon style speech bubbles for guests to write messages on.  Then they create a poster montage with the images of all your guests and their messages- How neat is that for an alternative to a guest book!

Look at their albums for the beautiful silk covers and unique prints. These wedding albums won’t look like everyone elses!
If you’re ready to check them out, here are some specs.
Phone: 608-338-9642
Style: Editorial and Fashion.
Price: Wedding packages range from $2600 to $5500
2 Responses to Photographer Spotlight: Yonda Photography: UPDATE: Yonda Photography is now Amelia John
  1. Andrew
    March 25, 2010 | 1:56 pm

    Thanks Marilee, you're too kind!

  2. Marilee
    March 26, 2010 | 10:22 am

    Not at all, Andrew! I'm really looking forward to working with you!