Photographer Spotlight: Pierre’s Portrait Art

Pierre Stephenson is an award winning photographer who has been doing professional photography for the past 15 years, but I first had the pleasure of his acquaintance in February of ’09 when he and his wife and partner, Anna hosted a grand opening party for their studio! They are both warm and gracious hosts and fabulous photographers. Pierre has two professional passions. He loves wedding photography, but he also loves teaching and working with other photographers.

When asked what he loves most about being a wedding photographer he replied, “I get to play!  It’s so much fun being with people on one of the best days of their lives.” Pierre gets excited about every wedding he shoots.  He constantly pushes to do something new, unique and exciting. This not only makes for fantastic images, but it makes for a really fun experience. 

“Stagnation scares me more than anything else- It’s not about what I’ve done, it’s about what I’m going to do next!
His second passion is for teaching other photographers and building connections and friendships. His mission is to bring up the standard of professional photography. As an established professional, he’s not afraid to share his knowledge with other photographers.  He feels that if he can help bring up the level of professional photography, it can only be good for photography as a profession.
He suggests that when you’re looking for a photographer, first look at their photographs and ask if they speak to you. If so, the most important thing to base your decision on is if you and your photographer “click”.  Your photographer is one of the professionals who will be at your side most of your wedding day. It’s important that you enjoy their company! Pierre finds that for his clients, it’s all about the experience of working with him. The final product-of course has to be fabulous, but that’s an effect of how much fun the experience was! Trust someone who has a track record. You want to make sure they’ll be in business long enough to fulfill their obligations to you! (Photographers are second only to restaurants in rate of failed businesses!).  Obviously, budget has to play a role in your final decision.
Here are some specs.
Phone: (608) 242-0120
Address: 5283 Felland Road, Madison WI, 53718
Style: Portrait Journalism. Uses Couture style that’s more fun and  fashion influenced. We aim for shots that look like they’re more in the moment
Price: Wedding packages start at $2500.  The average client chooses a combination of products and package totaling about $4000
Awards: PPA Photographer of the Year 2009, The Best of The Knot – Photographer Pick 2008, 2009 & 2010, Wisconsin Bride 2009 – Best of Bride Finalist, WPPA – Best of Show Weddings 2009, Best Album 2010, Click this link to see a list of his presentations.

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