Photographer Spotlight: Mandie Haberman of Red Gecko Studio

I’ve you’ve been following the buzz about Kelly and Mike’s Green Wedding, then you’re already familiar with Mandie and Red Gecko Studio!  If not, you should definitely check it out. Mandie’s photographs are beautiful and capture the beautiful real moments during the wedding day. Not only that, she writes one of the better blogs I’ve seen. She showcases each beautiful wedding she does with each couple’s story. Reading it, you get a real sense of her affection for each couple she works with.
This is what she says about being a wedding photographer, It is an amazing honor to be a part of some of the most beautiful weddings in Wisconsin. I love the details, the dresses, the shoes, the flowers, the smiles, the hugs, the tears, the dances, and especially the unexpected surprises that make each wedding day unique.” 
Her style is a blend of photojournalism and Artistic.  She specializes in relaxed portraiture and artistic, unique documentation of the wedding day. She loves capturing the little moments and large and small details that bring life to the memories after the day!
As far as her eco-friendly practices go, she works from her home office which saves a lot of resources in transportation and maintaining an office. She also does all her proofing and ordering online which saves a lot of paper and a lot of trees. Finally, for the eco-beautiful bride, she has access to eco-friendly albums, prints, canvasses, and more!
Here are some specs.
Phone: 608-669-1268
Address 5507 Quarry Hill Dr, Fitchburg, WI, 53711
Style: Relaxed Portraiture: Artistic blended with Photojournalism
Green Practices: She utilizes technology for on-line marketing, and photo editing- less printing and paper waste,  eco-friendly album options & home based business.
Price: Wedding packages start at $2800
Professional associations: Professional Photographers of America
Education: BS in Art from University of Wisconsin-Madison

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