Photographer Spotlight: Amy Lynn Schereck

While I was interviewing Amy Lynn Schereck, what impressed me most (aside from the beautiful images she creates for her clients) was her innate goodness. At the end, you can check out her list of charitable causes under “Specs”- but first, let’s talk about her photography…
One of the things she excels at is efficiently getting really good group shots. Even if your focus isn’t the group pictures with all the different family members, most people still want them, and Amy does them beautifully and efficiently! Beyond that, it’s all about the people at the party and the beautiful little details. She considers her style to be a combination of traditional and editorial.
When asked what people should look for in a wedding photographer, she didn’t hesitate.  “Chemistry,” she said, “I’m telling your story- If we don’t get along you won’t want me there!” Though with her calm warmth, I have a difficult time imagining the person who wouldn’t get along with her!
 “One of my favorite things [about being a wedding photographer] is when I’m editing photos, and I realize I’ve been smiling for the last ten minutes- remembering the special moments in the wedding.” She clearly relishes the relationships she develops with brides and grooms as she participates in their weddings. Click here to read glowing testimonials from former clients.

In addition to doing gorgeous wedding photography, Amy also donates a significant portion of her time and talent to charity. She regularly spends time with her “little sister” from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. She also photographs strays for the humane society- so they’ll have a better chance of getting adopted! See the list of charitable causes below to see the many ways she does good in the world using her photographic talent.
Overall, Amy Lynn Schereck is an excellent photographer whose strengths include beautiful wedding photography, an incredibly warm personality and strength of character to do good in the world.  What a great combination!
Here are some specs:
Phone: (608) 239-1137
Style: Traditional combined with Editorial
Price: Wedding packages start at $1625
Experience & Education: Hobby photographer since 1979, 2nd place in State Journal Photography contest 2001, Professional Photographer degree MATC 2004, In business as a professional photographer since 2004
Location: Anywhere! Local- National- Destination
2 Responses to Photographer Spotlight: Amy Lynn Schereck
  1. Amy Schereck
    April 21, 2010 | 9:13 am

    Is it appropriate to comment on my own interview? I appreciate the kind words.

    Marilee, it's been such a pleasure getting to know you. I look forward to seeing you on a regular basis at NAWP. :) Amy

  2. Marilee
    April 21, 2010 | 10:35 am

    Thanks Amy! Of course it's appropriate! I'm so glad you like it :)