Officiant Spotlight: Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants

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I’ve had the pleasure of attending NAWP meetings for a while now, and one of the major benefits I’ve been getting from them is getting to know other really high quality wedding professionals. Jim and Connie Engmann of Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants are delightful people with beautifully open hearts. They officiate weddings and commitment ceremonies in a way that honors spirituality without the interference of dogma. They often express the sentiment that they wish for couples as much happiness in marriage as they have found in their marriage to one another.

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Both attended Seminary at Pathways of Light Spiritual College where Jim was ordained in 1995.  Jim also completed Chaplain Training at Meriter Hospital where he continues to serve as a chaplain.  Connie’s spiritual path has led her to to also do a spirit quest at Circle Sanctuary with Selina Fox. She connects to the Divine through the natural world and all life on the Mother Earth.


I asked them each what they love best about what they do. For Connie, it’s that she never feels more conected to the Divine and to the Earth than when she’s participating in the ritual of marriage- publicly honoring their bond of love.  For Jim, there’s a thrill in helping couples tell their story in a way that touches their hearts and the hearts of their guests. ” When I see it in their faces that I’ve made the story theirs”  is his favorite moment in every ceremony he performs.

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Happily Ever After Wedding Officiants specializes in working with couples who want a spiritual ceremony, but aren’t religious per se. Jim explained to me “We believe the joining of two people in marriage is a sacred ritual, and we’re honored to be able to be a part of it. The couple is spiritually bonded to one another before the ceremony, my role is to tell the story in community.”

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Both Jim and Connie initially meet with most brides and grooms.  They ask a lot of questions and work with clients visualize their ceremony. They create a wedding ceremony that incorporates personal stories and rituals.  Jim and Connie have different but very complimentary ministry styles.

Finally, here are some Specs:

Religion: Inclusive spirituality

Price: $480 with optional add-on packages



Phone: 608 831.0993


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Good works: Jim and Connie work with the VA and with social workers to help couples who can’t afford a traditional ceremony realize their wedding dreams

Inclusive: Jim and Connie fully support same sex unions. Connie was the organizing officiant at Wisconsin Capitol Pride 2009.





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