Nobody wants a Cookie-Cutter Celebration

Dear Marilee,
I really love the look of weddings I see on TV and in magazines. The problem is, none of those sources actually tell me how to achieve my own look for my celebration, and If I just try to copy the TV shows, I’ll be Zillions of dollars over budget… Help! Is there a way to get a great look in the real world?

Signed, I don’t want a Cookie-Cutter Wedding!

Dear Cookie,
Nobody wants a “cookie-cutter” celebration, but everybody wants a beautiful celebration. Here is a straight- forward formula for designing a masterpiece that will reflect your personal style and values and will dazzle your guests. Don’t just invite your guests to a party; invite them to share in an experience. Create a unique celebration experience through the use of a theme, colors, a well-chosen motif, and lots of details.

1. Choose a theme that resonates with your style and values.
2. Choose a color scheme and commit to it.

3. Create a motif to tie it all together

4. Creat a lush experience by adding details

That’s the magic formula: Theme + Color + Motif + Details

Here’s what I mean:

1. Choose a theme that resonates with your style and values.
Accentuate your ethnicity, your values, or your interests using a well- chosen theme. Take some time to think about what’s important to you, and what you’re celebrating. If you’re celebrating your wedding, why are you marrying this person? What do you love about the prospect of being with them? Dawn & John wanted to emphasize Love of Family and Childlike Playfulness”. We used this theme as a touchstone to create their whole celebration. Keep your theme in mind when planning your stationery, entertainment, clothing, décor, favors, food and activities. Note the wax lips for the photo of the wedding party! The brides son and daughter were an integral part of their wedding. Your theme will give you a very personal celebration- not a cookie cutter party that anyone might have hosted. Your guests will feel the difference!

2. Commit to a color scheme.

Choose 2-3 colors you love that work with your theme then… USE THEM! Brides sometimes choose the colors for the bride’s maid’s gowns but don’t use that color again in the rest of the celebration. To create an unforgettable visual experience, use your colors boldly. It’s okay to choose subtle colors, but don’t let it look like they crept in by accident. For the couple who were attracted to one another’s “Love of Family and Childlike Playfulness”, we chose bright beautiful colors Fuchsia, Yellow and Orange. Create a cohesive well-designed look by commiting to your color scheme. Use your colors in your stationery, in you linens, in your flowers in your attire and in your décor. Your guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a piece of art.

3. Brand your celebration with a motif.
A motif is a graphic element that ties together the elements of your décor. It’s that finishing touch that makes the difference between “pretty invitations” and “Introduction to the celebration”. Your motif can be closely related to the theme of your celebration. With the theme and colors we’ve been mentioning, we choose a single daisy motif.

4. Create a lush experience by adding details
Now that we have established a theme, colors and a motif, we use them throughout the celebration to create a cohesive look and a spectacular experience.

Invitation for Fun!

Favors: Lots of fun toys –mostly in the wedding colors. The guests are invited to indulge their inner child playing with bendy neon monkeys, puzzle balls and mardi gras beads (Also in the wedding colors of course!)The DJ: is an intigral part of the plan for this wedding. The DJ will lead dance games like hokey-pokey, limbo and the chicken dance!

Décor: The tables are set with an orange runner, a mirror tile and a bud vase with yelow daisies and a yellow ribon. All the chairs will have fuchsia ties and the napkins are fuchsia satin.

Scavenger Hunt
: The guests will be asked to find mementos from the couple’s early courtship, canned goods and toys to be donated to their favorite charities.

Love of Family: The newly formed family (Including children) will perform a sand ceremony using sand in the wedding colors to create a vase that represents all the members of the new family. The Vase is etched with the names of the family members and decorated with daisies!

Cake: The cake is a tiered cake with a cascade of daisies on it. There are also smaller wraped cakes in bright orange, yellow and fuchsia.

Candy Buffet! To indulge the inner child’s sweet tooth, we have a spectacular candy buffet layed out with candies including the wedding colors and decorated with beads and vases of daisies, as well as daisy shaped lollys.

Experience: All the guests get to experience the love, caring, and playfulness this couple brings to their union. During the scavenger hunt guests will learn more about what’s important (From favorite sport’s teams to their favorite charities), and during the party they get to experience the playfulness while living in an explosion of color.

Well-chosen design elements and activities will tell part of your story. Guests will end the celebration feeling a little bit closer to you, and they will have had a great time.

2 Responses to Nobody wants a Cookie-Cutter Celebration
  1. Anonymous
    June 8, 2008 | 11:02 am

    I love it!!! it will be a great day, I cant wait and i know you cant either… Your cooking cuter bride

  2. Marilee
    June 8, 2008 | 1:49 pm

    Yay! I’m definitely looking forward to it! I got more orange, fuchsia and yellow doo-dads for decorating on Friday.