I should have hired me!

Welcome back from summer!

This humble event planner took the summer off of blogging. With all my spare time, I’ve been running “Mamma Camp”! My children and I have had a wonderful summer, and my youngest is now mere weeks away from being a school kid- no longer a preschooler.



This month, I had the pleasure of hosting a birthday party for my little five-year-old daughter.

Here’s why I should have hired me…

Between July 14 and August 14 we had 3 vacations totaling 20 of the previous 31 days away from home- rendering our home a disaster area full of dirty laundry and camping gear. As party day (August 14) approached guests were invited and the house was cleaned. But…





As one dear friend was dropping off her child, she found me in the kitchen and asked how I was doing.  I replied, “I am now demonstrating why people should hire me.”  I was in the kitchen doing food prep as the guests were arriving.Sometimes life gets chaotic andyou shouldn’t have to do it all alone! The hostess should be able to greet guests and enjoy their company!  It’s the event coordinator, who should be in the kitchen, hanging coats, checking appetizers and making everything run smoothly in the background.

By the way, if you’re a party planner in the Madison area, contact me!  Maybe we can trade services for our personal parties!

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