Green Spotlight: Paolo Verde Consulting Services

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul Abramson “Green Paul” of Paolo Verde Consulting Services at a Dane Buy Local event.  Paul has a passion for working with event planners to reduce the waste footprint of their event!  He offers solutions for people who care enough to “walk the sustainability talk” every day.  He’s written this article on “Green event plans” I’d like to share with you.  

Here’s Paul:
Kermit The Frog put it best – “It’s not easy being green.”  As you plan your celebration, you are empowered to make choices that you believe in, and in the end, one of the joys of your wedding will be the memory and the impression you make on your guests and family
Marilee Karamanski, of Planned Spontaneity Event Planning and Consultation, told this story:  A wedding couple intended to keep their reception’s waste footprint small by using washable serving ware.  Using a rental service they priced rental of reusable plates and cutlery. 
Guess what? The cost was so high throwaways were the only affordable choice even though reusables truly fit their desire for a greener event!  What a disappointment. 
Solving this challenge is where Paolo Verde Event Waste Reduction Planning comes in.  When considering Green Options keep these 3 things in mind (2 out of 3 begin with “THINK” :
1)      THINK: A “green reality” requires thinking outside-the-box in addition to your clever event ideas.  To reduce waste, consider one area of your event you would consider doing differently from a glammed up, story-book wedding party.  Decline to use throw away trimmings.
2)     THINK of Budget Trades:  This is where you decrease the amount you spend in one area, so you can spend more in another area. If your love of outdoors and wildlife tops your priority list, and you want to work for a pollution-free world, you can trade the money you’d spend on on such things as rental china.  Borrow service ware from a church, and use the money you would have spent on rentals or nice disposables to hire a well-dressed person to wash borrowed dishes. 
3)     GREEN EVENTS are a new way of throwing parties.  If you seek the alternative to a wasteful gathering get specialized help.
Breaking it Down:
• Consumer society programs us to expect immediate, low-cost solutions to every need.
• Reducing waste generated at a party is a goal.  
• Getting there takes learning of what we truly can do to achieve it. 
• On average the cost of doing the “green thing” is 15-percent higher than going with more convenient, non-renewable solutions.

Company: Paolo Verde is Madison, Wisconsin’s Zero-Waste Event / Event Waste Reduction Specialist. 
Phone: 608.279.8339  
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