Dear Reader,

Planning Spontaneity was on hiatus last month due to a very busy few weeks. It’s on my mind that I couldn’t do what I do without a great community of friends, family and professional support. Before I get to the article- Ask a Celebration Specialist, I want to thank the people who made late June and Early July possible.

My apprentice Tanja of Sunset Events, her husband Craig and her mom, Joan did a huge amount of work for me. They helped set up and coordinate my most complex wedding to date, and I couldn’t have done it without them.

I am a member of several professional organizations. These organizations are nothing without their members. The ladies in NAWBO- Madison (National Association of Women Business Owners) have been a professional and moral support to me since I first started Planned Spontaneity. ABC (The Association of Bridal Consultants) offers educational and networking opportunities for bridal professionals, and the members have been incredibly generous with their time and knowledge. Finally, I’ve recently joined WUMFA (Wisconsin- upper Michigan Floral Association) because Mel, Heather & Sarah at Bill Doran, my floral whole-saler were so generous with their time and knowledge as I was setting up my flower studio.

I also want to thank my clients who entrust their festivities to my care. Thank you for honoring me with that trust and letting me be part of your glorious celebrations.

I am vitally aware that my business is successful if the professionals I work with are excellent, so Kudos to Chad Torkleson of Midwest Sound and Light Show. He has gone far beyond what is required to give my clients great wedding entertainment.

A few friends have gone way above the call of duty with their generous support- Vicky Jones helped me capture what I do in pictures so I can share it with you, and Tina Matlock has given me many-many hours of napkin folding and website help. Because of both of these phenomenal loving women, I will soon have some great pictures on my blog and my website.

Finally, My family… My darling husband lovingly takes on the responsibility of single handedly caring for our children while I’m immersed in the minutia of weddings and parties. My beautiful daughters treat me like a rock star when I emerge from several days submersed in a celebration. They make me feel great to be a mom.


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