Entertainment Spotlight: Playlist Event Music

When Beth Tucker and Chris Long were married in 2004, they wanted someone who would simply play music they chose on professional equipment, but that service didn’t exist! Like many people, they chose to create a playlist and do their own music.  Of course, they didn’t simply run their MP3 player through a boom box.  They’re both tech savvy and used good MP3 managing software and professional sound equipment. Soon, friends who had enjoyed Chris and Beth’s reception were asking them to provide music for their own receptions, and Playlist Event Music was born.

Their goal is to make sure you’re happy and comfortable with your wedding music. Their style is to keep it simple, high quality and dependable.  This way, they’re able to provide an excellent musical experience while keeping costs down.  This also helps them stay small and flexible.  They typically don’t need as much space as a more main-stream DJ. When I asked Chris what he liked best about being in this business, he lit up and grinned, “We’ve had some really cool clients.”

What they do:
Play the music you and your guests request on a professional high quality sound system. (This isn’t simply running your iPod through a boom box!  They have high quality redundant computers and a professional sound system.  

• Their website includes private pages for clients and guests to make requests before the event. 

• You can request anything from main-stream wedding reception music to that funky local band your best friend is in to all twelve and a half minutes of Grateful Dead’s “Fire on the Mountain”.  They trust that you know your crowd and will take direction from you.

• They’re happy to make announcements and keep things running smoothly, and they’ll do it exactly the way you request.
• They’ll run the garter/bouquet toss and other games as you request them- no surprises.

What they don’t do:

• They do not offer lights or smoke machine.
• They will not take over your reception
• They will not “ambush” you with wedding reception games like a bouquet or garter toss.

Their take on “Dance Party” music is very flexible: “Some crowds love the chicken dance, some hate it! The key is to know your crowd.”  Chris does acknowledge that in the beginning of the evening, they can be good ice-breakers.

Advice for couples regarding reception entertainment: “Check in with your band or DJ before the event. It’s all about communication!  Never work with a DJ who doesn’t seek out your input in advance.”

Style: Low-key personality playing your favorite music.
Experience: In business since 2004
Location: Based in the Madison area, but happy to travel
Price: $200 for setup/takedown plus $100 per hour of music
Website: PlaylistEventMusic.com Check out their Reviews page!
E-Mail:  info@PlaylistEventMusic.com
Phone: 608-770-7977


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