Entertainment Spotlight: Abigail Cantor

It’s been my pleasure to work with the talented and versatile Abigail Cantor on a number of occasions.  She’s the leader of two ensembles, The Cantor Set and Shira. (Geeky math types will enjoy this play on words)

The Cantor Set plays jazz standards, blues, and their own musical concoctions.  They understand that rhythm and tempo are critical for dancing, so they keep melody and rhythm at the forefront through their improvisations.  She works with top jazz musicians to create a very danceable and musically interesting performance. The Cantor Set is available for receptions and parties.

Shira offers eastern European, jazz/klezmer fusion and liturgical melodies for services. Shira was formed in 1988 and at that time was the only Jewish music band in the Madison area.  They’re available for both ceremonies and wedding receptions.

Both of these ensembles put on a great show with fun, danceable music. Ms. Cantor plays Clarinet, Sax and recorder. Depending on the needs of the gathering she draws on a talented pool of the top local musicians to fill out a three to five person ensemble with keyboard, bass, drums, saxophone or trumpet. 

Contact Person: Abigail Cantor
e-mail: shiramusic@sbcglobal.net, or info@thecantorset.com
phone: 608.238.2452
website (for the Cantor Set): http://www.thecantorset.com


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