Who is Marilee Karamanski?

Marilee Karamanski is the Celebration Specialist at Planned Spontaneity, LLC.  She is the mother of two girls, homemaker, homeschool mom, progressive Quaker, dance caller, scientist, artist, environmentalist, and concerned citizen. She has an eclectic education including a Masters Degree in Oncology from UW Madison, and a B.S. in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona. A Madison resident since 1992, she knows the city well. She brings a unique blend of creativity, analysis and heart to the event planning and coordinating process.

Personal values

I am inclusive. I believe a loving union between two people deserves to be celebrated and supported by their community. Regardless of your gender, orientation, race, religion, or ethnicity, I would be honored to assist with your celebration. (In fact, I really love a celebration that’s a bit off the beaten path!)

I support locally owned businesses and organic farmers. We garden, recycle and compost, and we promote a sustainable lifestyle. My children expect their cheese to be sharp, their yogurt and granola to be homemade and their bread to be whole grain… I didn’t intend to raise foodies- but I’m a little bit proud of it.

What we do

We create fun, personalized, low-stress celebrations.

We love ethnically diverse, inclusive, thoughtful events that showcase your background, interests and values!

We can help you find socially responsible and environmentally sustainable resources so you can feel good about having fun!

We can help you plan a wedding, host a party, or celebrate any special occasion!