3 Things to Look for in a Celebration Specialist

1. Chemistry

The first thing to look for when hiring a wedding coordinator or planner is chemistry. You should feel like this is a person you want in your inner circle during your celebration. You will rely on her to care for you, your family and your guests. She should be able to get to know you intimately enough to create a celebration tailored to your personality and values. You need to be able to trust her. Ask yourself “Is this a person I want in my inner circle during my celebration?”

2. Communication
The second thing to look for is exceptional communication. Your celebration specialist should always listen to you and keep your vision at the forefront. It’s not about them and their vision; it’s about you! She will craft an event that no one but you could have hosted. Ask yourself “Does she get me? Does she understand what I want? Will she give me the celebration of my dreams?”

3. Professionalism
Last but far from least is professionalism. Anyone who has hosted a party can start a business and call herself an event planner. Some things to check out are professional affiliations, legal contracts and references.

Two professional organizations for event planners

•ABC (the Association of Bridal Consultants)You’re not permitted to use the ABC logo until you have completed the ABC Professional development program. Look for their logo particularly when hiring a wedding planner. 
•ISES, the (International Special Events Society).
 •NACE, (National Association of Catering Executives)

A professional contract will clearly state what what she is obligated to do for you, and what it will cost. The services may range from a brief consultation to full service coordination including guest list management and budgeting. A professional will give you a clear contract and will give you time to read and understand it before signing.

You should also ask for references. In addition to former clients, other event profesionals like DJ’s, Photographers, Venue managers and wedding officients frequently see an event planner in action and will have a good sense of how well they do their job.

Here’s wishing you the very best fit with your celebration specialist!  
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