Monthly Archives: February 2011

Entertainment Spotlight: Abigail Cantor

It’s been my pleasure to work with the talented and versatile Abigail Cantor on a number of occasions.  She’s the leader of two ensembles, The Cantor Set and Shira. (Geeky math types will enjoy this play on words)The Cantor Set plays jazz standards, blues, and their own musical concoctions.  They understand that rhythm and tempo are critical for…


Chocolate Spotlight: TerraSource Chocolates

One of the coolest businesses I know of is TerraSource Chocolates, owned by Josie Pradella.  Terrasouce offers organic, vegan, fair trade chocolates using locally produced fruits and spirits. Terrasource is one of those businesses that’s founded on the principle of doing well by doing good.   Two-piece favor boxes are perfect for weddings.  They are made from…


Photographer Spotlight: Anda Marie

Working with Anda Marie Photography is a true joy!  She did a brilliant job capturing beautiful images of Claire and John’s Wedding, and I look forward to working with her again! Her excitement about being a wedding photographer is effusive.  “I can’t imagine anything better!” When I asked her what she loves the most, it’s the people.  She loves her clients,…